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The future of web will be based on Javascript an Html5 instead of using Flash technology that is never supported by new generation of smart phone and tablet devices.
Even if in the past we were used to embed videos and audios using third part plug-ins like Flash or Silverlight, now we can do it just using html5 tags like video and audio.

However, I don’t want to talk about new html5 features (there are enough sources online [Dive Into HTML5] ) but I want to introduce a smart way to preload a web page as it could do a flash web site, using percentage and cool animations!

I developed jQuery.html5preloader, a simple plug in that can preload every HTML5 page getting data from a JSON file.

Take a look to the plugin page to see it in action with some cool demos.

Cheers 😉


  • Many thanks and congrats, very useful tool.
    (…and just because I guess we’re from the same country: davvero non so perché un tool di questo genere sia così introvabile in HTML).

    • Thanks for the comment, unfortunately I don’t have too much time to work to enhance it.. I will release a new version making it better as soon as possible.
      [Esistono attualmente alcuni plug in simili, ma quando ho rilasciato questo non mi risulta ce ne fossero in giro]

  • HI,
    I dont suppose it needs to be uploaded on server to work does it? because I downloaded your pugin but it doesnt work from my pc I haven’t made any changes yet. let me know. Thanks.

  • Thanks for nice preloader. I have one question, more related to coding done html5preloader.js file, I noticed on 35% it stops for little while and then it resumes from there,.. Is there any specific condition handled?

    • It stops for a while because the image preloading is faster than the video and audio preloading, and so once the smallest files are loaded it waits a bit untill also the videos are fetched correctly. Anyway the preloading process depends on the size of the assets you would like to load.

  • is there a way to preload a swiffy converted animation with your plugin? do ypu have any examples? Thank you!

  • working locally (haven’t got to tested in production mode yet) it randomly gets stuck in an unfinished percent, so I have to refresh the page several times and then it completes 100%

    Any ideas on this error? Would I be making any mistakes? I’m loading .js files only

  • Hi Gianluca,
    I’m having trouble getting your preloader to work on the above small test site. I’ve placed the following file (preload.json) with all the other files:

    ‘files’: [
    ‘sources’: {
    I cannot get the Alert message to appear with the onComplete function.


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